Nadjarah's G-litter.


Tuono dell'Alta Via Chaia du Prê du Vieux Pont

G-litter born 16.12.2006.



Tuono dell'Alta Via (G)

Master Blaster de

Condicivnum (T)

Gourou de Crepuscule

des Loups (T)

R.e. I Kiss You de

Condivicnum (T)

Orgami dell'Alta Via (G)

Jason de la Douce Plaine (G)

Huelva (G)


Chaia du Prè du Vieux Pont (G)

pE O'Rick de la Douce Plaine (G)

E'Rick de la Douce Plaine (G)

Italie de la Douce Plaine (G)

Litchi du Crepuscule des Loups (G)

 R.E. Ch Gylson de la Fureur du Crepuscule (G)

R.e Fidji du Castel d'Argences (G)



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Griffin, Giancazan, Galahad, Gandalf (T) & Ghita Enja.


Mum and a male in Isa's bed

Bono playing wiith the puppies.

Enja has found her place.

Enja 5.1/2 weeks old Enja Enja


Out in the snow 23.01.

Five weeks old.

Gandalf Gandalf


Ghita Enja Ghita Enja


Four weeks old


Red male Red male Red male


Pink male Pink male Pink male


Pink male Pink male Pink male





Enja Enja



Gandalf Gandalf








We are soon three weeks old and we have tried our first meal.

Cute & funny.