Our unplanned litter is born 17.01.2019.
Luavjan's Bono The One x Nadjarah's Myrcella

1 male & 4 females and 1 terv.female.
Puppies available for sport, joy and a friend for lifetime.
Their names are: One & One Love, One Life, One Need, One Night & One Blood.

One 38 days.

One Life 38 days.

One Love 38 days.

One Night 38 days.

One Need 38 days.

One Blood 38 days.

Nadjarah's One 23 days old.

Nadjarah's One ... (yellow)

Nadjarah's One... (Orange)

Nadjarah's One... (purple)

Nadjarah's One ... (tourquise)

Nadjarah's One Blood.


p.E. DKCh NCh

Luavjan's Bono The One  Hips: B Elbows: 0

Tango dell'Alta Via (tervueren)  Master Blaster de Condivicnum (tervueren)
 Origami dell'Alta Via (groenendael)
s.r. Udine du Perigord Vert (groenendael)  Oural de la Fureur du Crepuscule (t)
   Jipsiane du Perigord Vert  (groenendael)
Nadjarah's Myrcella.
Hips: A Elbows: 0
IPO II. s.r. Ch Belgium
Grimmendans Nayko
 Ch Esp.Kent d'Aquivelt
 Belgian Work Ch Grimmendans Kachet A
NW-15. DKCh  NCh 4 x BISS Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen

 p.E. DK N CH NW-10

 Luavjan's Bono The One

 INTCH NUCH DKCH NBFK W-08 KBHW-08    SW-07 NW-07 SW-09 FIN W-09 BISS x 7 A-    Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie




Our litters are raised in our home together with our other dogs and us.

They will have Micro-chip id, vacination, health sertificate, dewromed, reg. in NKK, contract.

For more informations contact Ronny Eliasssen
phone: 0047 906 04 132