H-litter born 2nd og march 2009. 3 males & 4 females.


Hugin, Hurricane, Helios  &  Hope, Havila, Harmony, Holly.

Males: green,grey, blue,  Females: pink, red, yellow, lilac.



Green male.



Blue male.


Grey male


Yellow female.


Lilac female.


Pink female.


Red female.


Photos by Eli Andrea taken the 12th of April 2009. Click to enlarge.




Click photos to enlarge. Photos taken 12th of April.

Yellow female Lilac female

Pink female Blue male Pink female.

Yellow female. Yellow female Red female

Grey male Green male

Click photos to enlarge. Photos taken 6th of April.

Pink female. Pink female

Lilac female. Pink female

Grey male


Click photos to enlarge. Photos taken 4th of April.






More puppy photos here


Luavjan's Bono The One & Breakpoint's Joy of Okey


p.E. DK N CH

Luavjan's Bono The One

Tango dell'Alta Via (t)

Master Blaster

de Condivicnum (t)

Origami dell'Alta Via (g)
s.r. Udine du Perigord Vert

Oural de la Fureur

du Crepuscule (t)

Jipsiane du Perigord Vert(g)
Breakpoint's Joy of Okey Quinto-Rival de Bruine Buck

Rival de la Fureur

de Crepuscule

Louky de Bruine Buck

JWW-98 SW-99

Black Hawkwind's Okey

to Break-Point

Jason de la Douce Plaine
Isadora du Bois du Ponty

The price for a puppy is 10 000.- nok, recomended by the Belgian Breed Club in Norway.

Dewormed. Micro-chip id. Vacination. Vet. attest. Reg. in the Norwegian Kennel Club. Contract.



      Our puppies are professionally tested at the age of 7 weeks.      

by Maj-Britt Iden.